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Welcome to Blyde Adventure Camp

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Blyde Adventure Camp

Blyde Adventure Camp is at the foot of the Northern Drakensberg, in the bush next to the Blyde River, close to a little town called Hoedspruit, just outside of the Kruger National Park.

Tubing on the Blyde River | Blyde Adventure Camp, Hoedspruit

Blyde Adventure Camp - Tubing Fun!
For the active and adventurous at heart, we offer tubing on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Blyde River.

Are you looking for things to do for your school’s adventure camp?  Or possibly a team building or leadership development program for your church group?  Look no further.  We have extremely competitive rates for all our required camps and programs. 

The camp is set on a 14-hectare securely fenced property with indigenous forests.  You will find all sorts of little wild animals in and around our camp. We’re so excited about our wildlife that we even base some of our school’s programs on them.

All facilitators and standard activities are included in our special rates.  And there are loads of extra adventures and activities to choose from at affordable prices.

Did you know that we are close to the Kruger National Parks Orpen Gate?  And the mountains around us make up the famous Blyde River Canyon.  This puts us in the perfect setting for adventure camps and educational programs for kids.  An experience they will always remember!

Blyde Adventure Camp includes the following in the price per person per night:

  • Dinner on the day of arrival, three meals on the following days and breakfast on the day of departure.
  • A guide to facilitate our program or help run yours.
  • All bedding for the guests in the chalets and a fitted sheet for the guests in the dorms.
  • Cutlery and crockery.
  • Free activities.

Have fun looking at our website.   And remember – you can always contact any of us for more information.

Please be aware that site visits are by appointment only. Contact our office on 079 388 2196 to make arrangements.

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Customers reviews

What Our Children Say


  • On Monday we drove to the Blyde Adventure Camp
  • It was a long but comfortable ride
  • When we were there we went down a slide and swam


  • On Tuesday the fun got started and we went to the Rehabilitation Centre
  • Later we went to the reptile park
  • There were lots of reptiles like Snakes, Alligators and even an ostrich


  • On Wednesday we went to Swadini for the whole day
  • There were a millions things to do
  • We could play putt-putt and there were different kinds of swimming pools, one was like a bath


  • Thursday was the funnest day, even though the rest were also awesome
  • We went river rafting and we did paintball with sling shots
  • Later we went zip lining and rope walking

Grade 6 Tour – Jonathan Chamberlain


  • We left from school at 5:30 to go on tour.
  • The bus trip was amazing. I sat next to my best friends Khanya and Aidan.
  • That night we played stalk the lantern and laid out our sleeping bags to sleep under the amazing Baobab George


  • On Tuesday we woke up and had a delicious breakfast.
  • We got on the bus to go to the rehabilitation centre. There we saw a lot of hurt animals.
  • Then we went to KAMAI Reptile park . There we saw a lot of snakes like the Puff Adder


  • That day shower hour was great. After shower hour we ate great food.
  • We went to Swadini which was ***AWESOME*** .Me and my friend Daniel went to go play Putt putt and after that we had a lekker swim.


Thursday was EPIC.

  • We first went River Rafting. Then we all murdered each other in Paintball. We also went Zip-lining. I was so scared when I was climbing up the ladder but it was worth it!

Grade 6 Tour – Luke Coote


We got onto an awesome bus that can play DVD’s, has aircons and even has foot rests.

  • The trip was such fun. We stopped and we bought ice-creams and even souvenirs.
  • I was lucky and got in a dorm with my best friend Fari.
  • Later we went swimming in the river and had a awesome day as well as dinner. That night we slept under a huge tree named George and we barely slept a wink and had so much fun.
  • George had more than 4000 kids sleep under him and they say he would protect us and it was completely safe though. Everyone was fine.


  • We had our first night and it was awesome and a bit later we packed up everything like our sleeping bags.
  • We had a really nice breakfast.
  • Later we went to an awesome rehabilitation centre called Khamairehab centre.
  • We saw lots of different animals like:

–Big Boy an awesome lion.

–A leopard that our teachers got to feed.

–Some of us got to hold vultures

–Even cooler we saw hyenas and cheetahs that other schools didn’t get to.

  • Later that day we got to go to the reptile park which had an awesome snake show and they proved that snakes are not that dangerous. There were even black mambas. We also got to take photos holding a huge python.


  • We had an awesome day on Wednesday. Trust me!
  • We stopped at a cool , huge dam. It was as tall as a crane.
  • We went to an awesome resort called Swadini.
  • It is a really, really cool resort.
  • There are:


–A huge cold pool

–A medium Hot pool

–A Mini Golf Course

–There was a cool shop to buy some souvenirs.

  • For lunch we had really nice hamburgers and juices.
  • That was one of the most fun things on tour. Later we went home and had a really nice day.


  • Thursday was the best day of all!
  • We had the most fun that day, my best friend and I.
  • Everybody was so excited.
  • We started off at paint balling and it was such fun. It was raining and muddy and it seemed like we were in world war 2.
  • Our team won against the other team thanks to our most amazing tactics. For example we had no bullets and we tricked the team to make them think we were going to shoot them.
  • After all that we went zip Lining which was so scary but such fun!
  • We also went on a rope and had to walk across the rope without falling into the river. There is even another thing. We went to a rope and swung into the river like Tarzan.
  • besides all of that, My favourite thing was River Rafting and trust me, you get the biggest thrill ever.
  • I fell out of my boat but got safely back in.
  • Although don’t worry, if you get over shot it is completely safe with a guy that throws a rope to you and if you miss that there is another guy in a boat to stop you.
  • So do not worry it is completely safe.
  • So you mommy’s must not get scared for your children.
  • I have been there and I have survived.
  • You can ask any of my friends.
  • So your next school trip should be to Blyde River Adventure Camp

Grade 6 Tour – Gregory Fisher