School Groups

Here at Blyde Adventure Camp, we always help you with all the arrangements for your school group – it is a service we include for free for all our groups.

 We host primary school groups from Grade 3 and up.

Special arrangements can be made for younger groups.

We can run up to three separate school groups during the same dates because of the specialized set up of our venue.  Refer to the Facilities page on this website to see the set up of our venue and accommodation. 

You’re welcome to send separate grades from your school during the same dates, and you will have the option of running one program for everyone or separate programs and accommodations for each grade.

  It is all up to you!


We offer a variety of school group programs.

  • Adventure Camps
  • Leadership Camps
  • Educational Camps
  • Leadership Identification Camps
  • Team Building Camps
  • Touring Camps

If you have a different theme in mind, send us your special requests, and we will do our best to design an itinerary with specialized activities at minimal rates.

Our office will help you select the suitable activities for your group based on age, group numbers, time available and budget. We do not just do this for children – we work out awesome programs for adults too.

We then set up a program with the activities that you have selected and make all the bookings and arrangements for you. The only item that we do not organize is your group’s transport. You do need your own transport for field trip activities.

The Blyde Adventure Camp facilitators will run your entire program for you.  They stick to the group from the moment of arrival to departure.  We’re very serious about our guest safety and our facilitators are all well trained in group safety as well as first aid. Head over to our group info/downloads page for more information regarding our incredible safety procedures. 

There are so many things to do at the Blyde Adventure Camp!

Site Visits: By appointment only and subject to availability. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Customers reviews

Blyde Adventure Camp …… a place where you prepare yourself for the unknown and the demands of high school!

I have just realized, after years in education, the priceless value of school trips and nature / youth camps. They are so important for a child’s healthy childhood! Part of which is their education and building a strong self-esteem and self-image. The emotional pressure on our children has only gotten more and more. And well-equipped places, where schools can let their children go with peace of mind, less and less! It is with these things in mind and my search for the ideal place; that I found Blyde Adventure Camp near Hoedspruit in 2011!!!!

Thus, from our own staff from 2012 to 2017, our grade 7 learners from New Hope School, a school for physically and mentally handicapped learners, for a full week at the end of the academic year, took the road to Hoedspruit!!! Each staff member had 5 to 6 learners, for which you are responsible. You are with your group every day for every outing and activity!

Why did we go to the same place again and again?

  1. Excellent management with excellent staff: For Barbara and Chris Huddle and their team led by Deon, it is important to have full details of the specific group and make sure everything runs smoothly. Each learner and staff member must submit a Blyde Adventure Camp indemnity form as well as the Gauteng Education Department’s medical and parent information forms. A copy of the entire file with all details and information submitted for approval is required times available to the camp staff.
  2. At the beginning of each year we pass on our possible excursions and Ronel compiles an interesting and fun program for us.
  3. Ronel does all the discussions thoroughly for the daily activities and excursions.
  4. It is a very neat campsite, with beautiful dorms and bathrooms in each dorm. Chris made special provision that the grounds and bathrooms are wheelchair friendly and suitable for disabled learners.
  5. The menu is prepared and prepared with enough, delicious, nutritious food, served at the dining halls. School and camp staff dine with the learners.
  6. We were able to choose from many different activities on the site itself and we even had a lot of excursions to other attractions in the area.
  7. Safety of learners is paramount.

– No water activities are undertaken unless the learners have the necessary life jackets and helmets.

– All camp staff are trained as lifeguards and in emergency care and regularly do follow-up courses in paramedics treatment.

– If necessary, learners are transported to Hoedspruit, where there are doctors and full medical assistance.

– They do not take any chances of activity when the weather is severe or when conditions pose any danger.

– School staff move with the learners and are ubiquitous.

– There are set rules, which apply to everyone, and are applied with strict discipline.

  1. Security is the most important and full-time security is present.

Taking all the above into consideration, the management and staff of Blyde Adventure Camp ensure that every camp is a huge success and that the children are looked after and cared for very well. It is a life-changing excursion for them, and they never forget it!

This is all thanks to the excellent service and management of Blyde Adventure Camp!

We would like to thank them so much that we will always cherish these memories and we can heartily recommend them!

Hannie Muller
New Hope School (2004 - 2018)