Blyde Adventure Camp has facilities for camps, conferences, events, and weddings.

Our camp facilities are separated into three individual camps. Please see our facilities brochure. Each camp has its own set of dorms and chalets, dining hall and activity area.  Each camp also has facilities for Councillors and Facilitators to stay close to the children.

For convenience, we have two camps with bathrooms en-suite.  The third camp has wheelchair-friendly ablutions set just a couple of meters away from the dorms.


Guests in the dorms sleep on bunk beds with fitted sheets – they only need to bring their own blankets and pillows.  In the chalet’s guests sleep on single beds and we provide all needed bedding.  This includes your groups’ bus driver.

You can access a document with our accommodation facilities set out in a user-friendly format on the downloads page of this website.

We sleep 288 guests in dorms and 14 guests in chalets. That means we have space for 300 guests in total. If you make a booking, we allocate one of three camps for your group or all of them depending on group size.

That is why we require a minimum amount of 15 guests per group. Arrangements can be made for smaller groups, so do not be shy to contact us.

We also have conferencing facilities that can be set up to your group’s needs.  It is all in the details of what you require. Our new wedding and events venue on the banks of the Blyde River is breathtakingly beautiful.  Visit our Services page for more detail on what we can offer you for events and conferencing.

Other facilities you’ll find here: tuck shop, volleyball courts, large lawns that can be used for all sorts of games and activities, indigenous riverine forests for guided nature walks. Swimming spots in the Lower Blyde River for supervised swimming and other water-based activities such as tubing and river crossing. Open fields on the farm that we use for night activities such as stargazing & stalk the lantern and then lastly our bush camp set inside the fenced-off area of the camp where kids have the option of a sleep-out in the bush.

Just a note on swimming. We do not have swimming pools – we swim in the pristine pools of the Lower Blyde River under supervision of river guides. An enjoyable experience for people from all walks of life. Guests who cannot swim will receive life jackets.

You can access all our safety standards and details on the Downloads page.

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