At the Blyde Adventure Camp, we include free activities for every group’s program.

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We include standard free activities in the price per person per night:

  • Ice Breakers
  • Supervised Swimming
  • Team Building Games
  • Rainy Weather Games
  • River Crossing & Tarzan Swing
  • Educational Nature Walks
  • Natural Bum Slide in the River
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer/Rugby/Lawn Games

Our night time activities included:

  • Niteline
  • Stalk the Lantern
  • Braai Marshmallows
  • Games Evening

There is also a wide variety of optional additional activities to choose from for your school camp.  We host some of these optional extras at the camp, and some of them are off-site field trips.

Blyde Adventure Camp offer a combo package where you choose three out of the five below-mentioned activities:

  1. Tubing
  2. Kettie Paintball
  3. Snorkel
  4. Obstacle Course
  5. Archery

Each group has different needs and we keep that in mind when we help you select activities.  We think about your budget, time available, group size and age, demographics and theme of your camp.

Below is a list of our stand-alone activities:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Tubing
  • Snorkel
  • Kettie Paintball
  • Archery
  • Traditional SA Games Half Day
  • Traditional SA Games Quarter Day
  • Insect Day with Entomologist (min 40 kids)
  • Indigenous Bonsai Workshop – Take Your Bonsai Home
  • Bush Survival
  • River Ecology
  • Landscape Art Class on the Banks of the River
  • Introduction to Whitewater Safety and Rescue
  • Archeological Dig – Science Meets History
  • Leadership Development – Theory and Practical Application
  • Roots of Rhythm Interactive Traditional Dance and Drumming Show
  • Leadership Identification – Two types of programs and relevant pricing available.Basic Leadership Competency Identification: includes group divisions prior to camp, name tags, facilitators, scoring based on specific aspects, spreadsheet report of each child’s scores for each scored aspect.Fundamental Leadership Competency Identification: includes group divisions prior to camp, name tags, facilitators, group and individual scoring, detailed documented report on each group, their performance, individual’s performance, and recommendations.

Call or email us to find out which option would best suit your group’s needs.

Blyde Adventure Camp offers off-site activities.
(Please Note – Own Transport Required)

  • Visit Kruger National Park – SA Schools

Did you know that school day visits to the Kruger National Park are free?

Compulsory – One-hour presentation at one of the main camps to qualify for a free visit on any of the following subjects:

  1. Conservation
  2. Animal Behavior
  3. Environmental Management

Ask our office to book this activity for you during your stay at the Blyde Adventure Camp. Please Note: Own Transport Needed.

  • Visit local waterfalls
  • Boat ride on the Blyde dam
  • Visit wildlife rehab center
  • Hoedspruit Endangered Species walking tour
  • Hoedspruit Endangered Species game drive tour (max 40 pax)
  • Reptile park visit
  • Day visit to Swadini resort – Monday to Thursday.  No weekends or school holidays. Includes a lunch
  • Camp Jabulani elephant interaction
  • Early morning game walk
  • Evening game drive
  • Hlokomela Tours – A local community service excursion-visiting clinics, crèche, organic herb garden and local shop
  • Nyani Cultural Village with dance show and tour of village

Visit the Nyani Cultural Village where the professional traditional dancers from Roots of Rhythm will entertain you with a show based on the history of SA tribes. Then go on a tour of the village to experience the authentic culture of the Sepedi people.

Please just be aware that you will need your own transport for off-site activities.

Our office will help you choose the right activities for your group.  Each groups program is worked out according to your budget, group-age, group size and time available. Just to make sure you have the best time ever at our camp!


We do not just offer adventure camps!

We also host:

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Identification Programs
  • Educational Programs that are Grade & Curriculum Specific
  • Touring Programs

But it doesn’t stop there – you’re welcome to tell us what the aim and theme of your camp is and we’ll help you set up the perfect program.  We offer all our programs year-round.

We are serious about safety, so all activities are supervised with the appropriate safety briefing and equipment if required.

All our guides have first aid training. We also have medical emergency backup services from Hoedspruit Medical Rescue.

All our activities are designed to have the maximum level of safety without losing out on the fun.  You can find out more about our activity safety protocols on the Downloads page of this website.

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